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A foodtech innovation by Hailia, enabling a more resource-efficient fish industry, has been recognized among the top 30 European Circular Solutions for Nature at the World Circular Economy Forum in Brussels. The list, published by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, showcases the most potential and impactful solutions for addressing biodiversity loss and transforming them into successful business ventures.

The novel food production technology developed by Hailia turns underutilized fish industry byproducts into mainstream food products. This now-recognized technology addresses a significant challenge in the fish industry: up to 50-70 % of farmed and caught fish are used for low-value products such as fish meal or fish oil production, rather than for direct human consumption.

For instance, Hailia effectively harnesses the sidestreams left over during salmonoid filleting, comprising over half of the fish’s weight. These often overlooked sidestreams are transformed into a range of seafood products, including chunks, bites, strips, and patties, enabling versatile and convenient cooking in both professional and home kitchens.

The core of our innovation lies in transforming overlooked raw materials into tasty products with a desirable mouthfeel, using just a simple recipe with a few ingredients. The texture, resembling that of a cooked fillet, enabled by the technology, makes the products exceptional,” explains Otto Kaukonen, CTO of Hailia.

Hailia’s solution is poised to make a significant impact on the advancement of a more resource-efficient fish industry. The challenges of overfishing and the environmental strain caused by increasing levels of fish farming require more efficient use of the harvested fish. In addition to solving these major concerns, what makes Hailia’s innovation particular is its impact on business.

“Our technology simply multiplies value to what fish processors already have on their hands. That’s what I think is the beauty of all circular solutions – using resources efficiently makes sense for the bottom line too,” says Michaela Lindström, Managing Director.

The value-adding potential has sparked interest in Hailia’s technology within the fish industry. Lindström explains that Hailia is ready to produce seafood products at an industrial scale at their facility in Karkkila, Finland, or to provide the technology for implementation in other locations.

”Our technology can assist many in the fish industry in reducing their environmental footprint by utilizing raw materials more efficiently. It’s inspiring to have such a role as an enabler in the blue food revolution,” Lindström remarks.

The World Circular Economy Forum has brought together over 4,000 experts, business leaders, and policymakers from around the world to Brussels. Since its inception in 2017, organized by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the forum has solidified its position as a global landmark in the field.


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