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Our patent-pending technology can upcycle low-value filleting sidestreams into high-value seafood products such as chunks, bites, strips, and patties. The technology enables up to 100 % utilisation of secondary fish processing sidestreams.

We don’t want to use the words ’unique’ and ’novel’ lightly, but our technology and the resulting products truly are a catch from previously unexplored waters.

The x-factor of our technology lies in the structure it creates for tasty products. The texture, resembling a cooked fish fillet, provides a pleasant mouthfeel. The stable structure maintains its form and texture when further processed, for example, canned or fried.

We license our cutting-edge technology for use in your facilities. The process can be tailored and optimized to suit partner’s need.

We constantly develop our technology to fine-tune product attributes and innovate new applications.

As a contract manufacturer, we provide production facilities for industrial-scale operations.

By leveraging our ready-to-use production line and experienced team, you’re already halfway to the market entry.

Hailia Small Fish Products made of Baltic Herring were introduced to the Finnish food service market in early 2023. They were soon awarded Seafood Innovation of the Year in Finland, thanks to their versatility, ease of use, cost efficiency, and, above all, their brilliant taste and texture.

Our technology creates versatile products that can be seamlessly integrated into various recipes, from soups to sandwich fillings, pasta, and sauces.

The walls of our production facility house a patent-pending technology within a streamlined production process. Fully refurbished in 2022, the production facility provides modern capabilities for manufacturing novel seafood products. Additionally, a team of highly skilled and experienced food processing professionals comes with the package.

The facility is located in Karkkila, Finland, an hour’s drive north-west from Helsinki.

Yrittäjäntie 60
03600 Karkkila

Yrittäjäntie 60
03600 Karkkila