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Can you upcycle all types of fish sidestreams?

Our technology is designed to upcycle up to 100% of filleting sidestreams, such as frames, transforming them into high-value, nutritious products. To us, neither the species nor the size of the fish matters.

Are there bones in the products?

We can process all filleting sidestreams so bones, heads, and fins can be included in the final products if desired. The high mineral content adds to the nutritional value. Gutting waste will not be included in the products.

How did the founders come up with this idea?

The founders recognised a significant issue to be solved in the seafood industry: a large portion of fish stocks and seafood sidestreams was wasted or used for low-value purposes like animal feed or fish oil production. Understanding the value of this nutritious biomass and harnessing their expertise in the food industry and processing technology, they developed innovative technology and know-how to make the seafood industry more effective.

Instead of solely producing seafood products in its factory and under its own brand, Hailia’s founders set the bar higher and reached for true global impact. Hailia’s mission is to enable the global seafood industry to utilise current resources more efficiently and produce substantially higher volumes of seafood without increasing the volumes of fishing or aquaculture while contributing to the circular economy.

Why is Hailia’s method so special?

The texture our process creates makes our products stand out. We can produce a unique solid mouthfeel that resembles a cooked fish fillet without heavy processing, which is unique in the industry. Moreover, we can upcycle up to 100% of the filleting sidestreams.

Does anyone else do what Hailia does?

No, our technology and the resulting products are unique. The tech is pending patents. There are many distinct features, such as the ability to upcycle all the filleting sidestreams, the texture our tech creates, and above all, the taste.

Does the processing line need its own production facility?

No, the processing line can be integrated into an existing facility. It requires a minimum of 100 square meters of production space.

Why is it wise to utilise fish sidestreams for food?

Utilising fish sidestreams for food maximises resource efficiency, increases the profitability of fish processors, reduces waste, and minimises the environmental impact of seafood production. By transforming the fish’s underutilised, nutrition- and protein-rich parts into high-value products, we support sustainability and meet the growing demand for seafood without additional fishing or farming.

Does the processing involve hocus pocus?

Even though our processing involves advanced methods and state-of-the-art technology to ensure our products’ highest quality and safety, in theory, it includes nothing that wouldn’t be possible to do in a home kitchen.

Are the products made from fish sidestreams healthy to eat?

Products made from fish sidestreams are rich in essential nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins. Our products provide the same health benefits as traditional seafood products, and even more, as many parts of the sidestreams are high in minerals.

Are the products made from fish sidestreams safe to eat?

Yes, they are safe to eat, to begin with. Additionally, we are committed to quality and safety standards. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control to meet all health and safety regulations.

Is the technology expensive?

For a major fish processor who has previously sold sidestreams for oil and feed production, the payback time for our technology is measured in months rather than years.

What kind of products can you make using Hailia’s method?

Our technology allows us to create various seafood products, such as chunks, bites, strips, and patties. These products maintain their texture well during further processing, enabling versatile applicability. They can be packed frozen, ambient, or canned.

Yrittäjäntie 60
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Yrittäjäntie 60
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