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Hailia Nordic Oy, a foodtech company promoting sustainable seafood production, has appointed Nora Hortling as the chairperson of its board at its general meeting. The new head of the board will guide a company aiming to revolutionize resource efficiency in the seafood industry globally.

Nora Hortling, Chair of the Board, Hailia Nordic Oy
Nora Hortling, Chair of the Board

Appointed as the chair of the board at Hailia, Nora Hortling holds the position of chairperson on the board of Olvi, a Finnish, internationally strong beverage company. Previously, she has served as the purchasing and sales director at Kespro, a major Finnish goods wholesaler. Her experience in the food industry and trade, including international industrial partnerships, is valuable for Hailia as it seeks partnerships with companies in the fishing and food industries.

Hortling is fascinated by the revolutionary nature of Hailia’s food production technology. With the new method, a greater portion of once caught and farmed fish can be utilized for food production. When sidestreams do not end up in low-value uses outside of food production, the impact on the profitability of fish processors is direct. Additionally, the climate and environment benefit significantly as the raw materials produced by the seafood industry are utilized more efficiently.

Our impact on preserving biodiversity, fish stocks, and marine ecosystems can be substantial. Meeting the growing demand for seafood without the need to fish or farm more is a groundbreaking concept, Hortling explains.

Pekka Uotila-Siivonen, who previously served as the chairperson of Hailia’s board, continues as a board member.

I want to thank Pekka for his journey alongside the founders from the very beginning of the company. Under his leadership, the company has been able to make agile, significant, and bold decisions. The decision to focus on technology development has quickly made the company a relevant partner for the world’s largest fish processors, Hortling expresses her gratitude to her predecessor.

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