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Finnish foodtech company Hailia has made a breakthrough innovation in turning fish industry side streams into mainstream seafood products suitable for both home kitchens and the food industry. Through this innovation, edible parts of fish can be utilized smarter, enabling fish processors to add value to the raw materials they have on hand.

Hailia has introduced an innovation that enables an increasing portion of fish by-products to be used for food production rather than lower-value applications. The company has now successfully concluded its development efforts to widen the application of their production method from underutilized small pelagic fishes to by-products of the fishing industry on a wide scale.

“For instance, after filleting salmon, half of the fish weight is left over. With the widely used method, only 8-10% of those sidestreams can be utilized for food production, while the rest goes to low value uses. With our innovative process, we can efficiently capture all that is suitable for food production,” says Michaela Lindström, Managing Director of Hailia.

Enhancing the value of sidestreams into valuable food products, such as chunks, bites, strips, and patties is financially appealing for fish processors and seafood producers. “Making smart use of the fish is beneficial for all – the environment and nature included,” Lindström expresses the win-win situation.

In addition to efficiency and added value, Hailia’s innovation results in an exceptional structure for its products. The texture, resembling a cooked fish fillet, creates a mouthfeel characteristic of fish.

”The core of our innovation is in turning overlooked raw materials into products with a desirable mouthfeel, using just a simple recipe with a few ingredients,” explains Otto Kaukonen, CTO of Hailia.

Kaukonen further highlights that the structure of the products allows for their further processing and integration into a range of recipes, from soups to sandwich fillings, pastas, and sauces. He emphasizes that this quality is exceptional when utilizing fish by-products.

Healthy for People and the Planet

With its novel processing method Hailia looks ahead to the opportunities as an industrial partner for global fish processors. Hailia’s state-of-the-art production facilities in Southern Finland equip them with readiness for full-scale production too.

Hailia’s potential impact on a way towards a more resource-efficient fishing industry is significant, as approximately 30% of the annual European fish production, exceeding five billion kilograms, is lost to low-value uses. While many fish stocks worldwide are at risk due to overfishing, and fish farming is an increasing burden on the environment, the poor utilization of fish is alarming. Moreover, the demand for seafood is predicted to double by 2050.

Lindström explains that responding to the growing demand necessitates utilizing the current catch smarter: “More food that is healthy for people and the planet can be produced with what we already have. Considering the planetary limitations, a lot could already be achieved if we primarily adopted resource-conscious practices. Fortunately, this opens immense opportunities in profitability too”.


Contact: Michaela Lindström, Managing Director, Hailia Nordic Oy, +358 40 568 7115,