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We turn low-value, underutilized fish raw materials into high-value food products with our patent-pending food production method.

As enablers in the seafood industry, we assist in adding value to what fish processors have on hand.

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Goodbye tuna, hello small fish! Hailia Pulled Small Fish is a smart and convenient choice for any dish that calls for tuna – and many others, too!

Now available for food service


Hailia Small Fish Strips can easily be used to replace meat, chicken or just about any other ingredient in all familiar and beloved recipes.

Now available for food service


Because of us, fishers do not have to go out to sea. We have succeeded in using bycatch fish that were previously too small for the dinner table and were used for other lower-value purposes. Currently, only some 4% of Finland’s Baltic herring catch ends up on our plates. We thought there must be a smarter way to make use of fish!

We are much more than our small fish products. We have the technology in our hands and the know-how at our fingertips to use small bycatch fish around the world in food production.

Our potential to make a difference is great, making our goals grand. This said, we are on a journey to the wide open seas, come along with us!

Are you seeking new fish dishes that will exceed your customers’ hopes and expectations? Perhaps we even share the goal of increasing the proportion of sustainable fish on menus. Fill in the form and we will contact you. Let’s begin our journey towards our shared goal!

Hopefully you can bear to wait a bit until we launch our small fish products not only for commercial kitchens, but also in retail stores.

In the meantime, you can follow us in our social media channels or send us a message!